June 30, 2016

About Us

Our business is getting you an affordable auto loan regardless of your credit history. Our team has combined experience of over 20 years and we have mastered the art of getting everyone approved. We emphasize on your history then your credit score. We understand good people get in to bad credit situation, we are here to get you an auto loan that tailored to your credit situation and help re-build your credit. Even if you had been rejected at other places, we can get you approved with our partner financing. If you are in need of an auto loan? Need to rebuild your credit? Looking for a low interest auto loan? Looking to re-finance? Trade in your used vehicle with attractive finance option.  Apply Now and allow one of our finance specialist to help you.

Our start right program

This program offers loans to new immigrants, visa workers and foreign workers no credit history required. To qualify for this program be working and have a valid work visa. If you would like to qualify for this program, proceed to our secured finance application now: Apply Now

Our new first chance approval

This program is designed for individuals who has not established any credit history but not interested in paying high interest for your first auto loan. If you have a cell phone and 6 months on the job, You are approved!!! no co-signers needed. It’s that simple. Qualify for this loan now Apply Now

Reduce your interest rate

Are you currently in a high interest rate auto loan? would you like to reduce or refinance your current loan? We have helped to reduce high interest auto loans to hundreds of customers and can help you as well. This program works well for customers who are paying high interest but has maintained good payment history for 6 months or more. Apply Now

Secured loan application

We take your personal information very seriously. Our website is SSL certified to protect your personal information. Unlike some on-line auto loan companies, we do not sell your personal information to other dealers. Information collected used only by our car loan masters group of companies and our affiliates. All approvals are subject to final review by our lenders.  Apply today and join our family of satisfied list of customers. Thank you for visiting our web site and should you have any questions or comments, please contact us today. Apply Now